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The Best Facial in Tampines, Singapore.

Casa Beauty takes pride in providing the Best facials in Tampines Singapore! We do not provide the standard ‘cookie-cutter’ solutions but to customised all our treatments individually to your needs. Using the best skincare products from JYUNKA, MARIA GALLAND AND INSPIRA. To thank you for choosing us to walk your personal beauty journey with you!

Imperial Jadeite Face Therapy ( Bestseller!) 90mins

Effective and Affordable Facial


Best facials in Tampines! Come experience Imperial Jadeite Face Therapy. Jade is an important tool in the beauty therapy of the ancient royal concubines.

The superior jade facial in Tampines. Take a step into an ancient experience in the imperial jadeite face therapy treatment. The ancient royal concubines used jade as part of their beauty therapy.
The main gem in this facial treatment is the cooling jade massagers. Practised in Chinese medicine, the stone of heaven works wonders for the skin. The moderate pressure applied by jade massagers helps to increase blood circulation while also relaxing the facial muscles. In addition, imperial jadeite face therapy promotes lymphatic drainage, which improves the health and appearance of the skin by eliminating toxins and keratin waste. The treatment results in a brighter, lifted and sculpted appearance to the facial structure.
Trust yourself in the hands of Casa Beauty to pamper you with a relaxing double facial massage. Release the sensations of the natural cooling feeling of jade to calm the skin and ease irritation. Skin is instantly revived, lifted and radiant.

Price : $350 First trial : $138

Korean Chanel Glass Skin Revitaliser By FILLMED (110 mins)

The Best Facial Treatment in Tampines, Singapore

FILLMED NCTF is a unique poly-revitalising solution with more than 53 active ingredients to stimulate the metabolism of our skin cells, resulting in effective anti-ageing. FILLMED NCTF is the main ingredient in the Korean CHANEL Glass skin treatment. It works as a skin health elixir; it contains all the elements required to allow our skin cells to function correctly, particularly to stimulate fibroblast activity. FILLMED NCTF gives lasting results that are out of the ordinary, and a single treatment can make a significant difference to the skin quality, leaving your face smooth, lifted and glowing with luminosity and radiance. Korean Chanel Glass Skin Revitaliser By FILLMED is a 10 step epicure face treatment for the true beauty connoisseur. Fillmed skin booster is The best facial in Singapore.

Price $588 First Trial $388

Maria Galland Hot Modelling Mask ( 90 mins )

Maria Galland Hot Modelling Mask by Casa Beauty Tampines

Maria Galland Hot modelling mask has been a favourite facial treatment for anti-ageing and deep relaxation

The deluxe facial in Tampines. A popular facial therapy for anti-ageing and profound relaxation is a hot modelling mask. Maria Galland is one of Paris’ most opulent beauty names. With a 40-year history in Singapore, the Hot Modelling Mask has remained the most popular.
The Maria Galland Hot Modelling Mask treatment is a classic that is both relaxing and effective. It is based on a deep-acting, self-warming precious mask available in deep moisture and anti-ageing versions. The temperature of the liquid used to mix the hot modelling mask is precisely controlled in this therapy.
Maria Galland lymphatic massage provides the ultimate luxury; feel yourself slipping into another world of serene relaxation and rejuvenation. After the treatment, the skin is instantly nourished, toned and firmer. Fine lines and wrinkles are softened.
At the end of 90 minutes, you’ll be able to see and feel fantastic facial lifting benefits that also perform wonders for the neck.

Face & Neck $290             1st trial $148

Face $250                             1st trial $128


Lifting V shape face 90mins

Lifting V shape face by Casa Beauty Tampines

Look fresh and lifted with a distinct V shape face.

The perfect sculpting and best facials in Tampines. With a prominent V shape face, you’ll appear fresh and lifted.
With deep facial muscle stimulation, you can get a V-shaped face and a glassy lustre without pain or adverse effects.
As the electrical currents stimulate the facial muscles, causing the muscles to contract. During this time, the muscles are toned, sculpted and lifted into a defined V shape.
The structure of the face appears more firm, toned, slim and lifted with a chiselled jawline. Your skin and appearance look more youthful and healthier.
The safe procedure also helps to stimulate collagen and elastin production to reduce sagging skin, maintaining strength and stability. As a result, elasticity is more firm and tight to reveal a youthful and radiant complexion. Experience a defined and lifted image with the lifting v shape face treatment.

Price $280 First trial: $128

Skin Cellular Renewer (90mins)

cellular skin renewer by Casa Beauty Tampines

The skin renewal facial in Tampines. Allow the freshest layer of skin cells to be at the top of the skin cell renewal process. With this cellular skin retreat, you can let your skin breathe and enjoy delight.
Satisfy your skin. The natural exfoliation process allows the skin to shed dead skin cells. During this time, cellular renewal is at its peak- promoting new, fresh and healthier skin cells to reach the skin’s surface.

A rapid, efficient skin cell turnover cycle will minimise the chances of developing acne by keeping dead skin cells off your epidermis. In addition, an efficient skin cell cycle can prevent wrinkles from forming and slows down ageing.
The treatment is for everyone who is looking for healthy, bright and smooth skin. Everyone can benefit from this therapy to treat most skin concerns. Start your new skin with the skin cellular renewer facial at Casa Beauty- Tampines.

Price : $300 First trial : $128

Plant Placenta Babyface treatment ( 90 mins )

Plant Placenta Babyface treatment

Do you wish your face to be baby like, soft and silky to touch?

The skin-smoothing facial in Tampines. Would you like your face to feel like a baby’s, delicate and silky to the touch? Look no further, as the Baby Face Treatment with plant placenta is at your service by Casa Beauty- Tampines.
This plant placenta treatment erases years from the lacklustre face. Placenta deeply nourishes skin cells from within, restoring baby-like fresh skin with a glow. The oxygenation of the skin can be increased by 70% when using plant placenta. Skin produces healthy proteins as it consumes more oxygen, strengthening and protecting the vital collagen structure that keeps skin behaving and looking young.

A high quantity of amino acids, proteins, and peptides in the plant placenta stimulate the skin’s natural collagen production and cellular metabolism. All these components ultimately give the skin baby-smooth skin. As a result, skin instantly looks and feels soft, radiant and revitalised.

Price: 280 First trial :$138

Meridian Guasha Face Treatment ( bestseller!) (90mins)

Gua sha facial By Casa Beauty Tampines

Gua sha is a traditional art, our grandmother’s answers to all ailments. Gua sha facial can bring, healing, health and energy into every skin cell!

The energising facial in Tampines. Gua sha is a traditional Chinese medicine that our grandmothers used to treat a variety of diseases. Every skin cell can benefit from a Gua sha facial, providing healing, health, and abundant energy!
Gua sha face therapy is a traditional, age-old method of skin beautification that has been popular among affluent women for centuries.
Gua sha facials use a blunt bull’s horn blade combined with a meridian scraping’ massage method to improve blood circulation and reduce water and toxin retention in the face.
When there is increased blood circulation, this delivers fresh oxygen and nutrients to skin cells. The skin instantly looks brighter with increased clarity and structure to the face.
Fascia, or muscular tissue knots that grow beneath the skin, are broken up using a specialised scraping method. Optimal circulation leaves the skin feeling fresh and brimming with vitality. Achieve a healthy complexion with the best facials in Tampines

Price $280 First Trial $138

Hyaluronic Skin Booster (90mins)

Hyaluronic Skin Booster by Casa Beauty Tampines

Boost moisture in the deep skin layers without any injections.

The hydrating facial in Tampines. Indulge your skin in deep hydration. Boost your moisture levels onto another level deep into the skin without the use of injections.
Needle-free mesotherapy is a transdermal delivery method that boosts skin moisture without the need for injections or needles. This method injects hyaluronic acid, essential nutrients, and active trace elements into the skin’s dermis layer, resulting in optimum hydration, nourishment and rejuvenation.
The skin is instantly plump, glowing and moisturised. The delivery of the nutrients improves skin health and strength to the skin functions, this is no doubt one of the best facials in Tampines.
This relaxing treatment provides immediate plumping and filling results akin to medical aesthetics- Hyaluronic acid helps reduce signs of ageing by plumping fine lines and wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid is a humectant, a well-known substance that helps the skin hold onto water.

Price : $298 First Trial: $128

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