How to do blackheads removal properly?

How to do Blackhead removal properly?

Black Head Removal is a service that many adults and teens came to consult us at Casa Beauty. Black Heads gives a person an oily appearance, particularly on the nose and centre cheek areas. It is very tempting to squeeze them out in front of the mirror, but most times, it does more damage than good.

Blackheads removal by Casa Beauty Tampines

Blackheads and whiteheads make a face looks oily and dirty. Squeezing it by force can cause more harm than good.

What are blackheads, and how causes them?
Due to oily skin type, hormones changes and the humid climate we live in, the sebaceous glands in our skin layers tend to produce more sebum, when the sebum in the skin pore come in contact with the air, it will become a blackhead. In some cases the sebum is embedded and covered by the skin, it appears white or sometimes known as a whitehead or milia seeds. Black Head removal though not painful, leaving them alone, can be an unpleasant sight to behold.

Squeezing blackheads at home can cause infections

Blackhead removal must be done when the face is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized or it must cause infection and leave scars


How are blackheads, whiteheads and milia seeds removal done?

The skin must be super thoroughly cleaned before blackhead removal. We begin the process by double cleansing the skin followed by exfoliation; some protocols will need a steamer or a light peel. The pores will be suitably open and make the sebum exit easier.
There are various tools we use to expel the dirt from within gently, and it is important to exert the correct force as being too aggressive will break small blood vessels around the pore and leave marks and scars that will take a long time to heal. For that reason, people are always looking for professional blackhead removal services. 

Leave black head removal to professionals at Casa Beauty Tampines

Leave black head removal to professionals at Casa Beauty Tampines

Can blackheads, whiteheads be prevented?
The answer is a yes and a no. No, because if the skin is genetically oily high chances, it will reoccur within a couple of months. Yes, if you make constant to keep your skin clean with a correct skincare routine that balance the skin and tighten pores.

What is the best solution for blackhead removal?
The skin is the biggest organ in the human body, keeping it well cleansed and healthy is not just vanity. Your face is what people see before noticing your toes. Invest in a good set of skincare and never be lazy with it. It should consist of an effective cleanser, toner, serum and cream with SPF 50 in the day.


Proper skincare routine is essential to keep your face in tip top condition
Visit a facial spa once a month to have it deep cleaned and prep. At Casa Beauty, we do blackheads and whiteheads removal FREE with every facial we perform.
In cases of big milia seeds or skin tags that require removal with professional beauty equipment, our charges start from $10 depending on the skin growth size.

Blackhead if left unattended can become hard and encrusted in the skin, there is also a chance that it may get inflamed and turn into acne. A clean and fresh face always gives the world a better impression.