Facials: A Good Skin Care Treatment for Teenagers

Facials: A Good Skin Care Treatment for Teenagers

Contrary to what most grownups and children think, teenagers’ skin produces more oil or sebum than adult’s skin. The primary factor for this is the hormone changes that are naturally experiencing by teenagers. Although it is a good idea that the adolescent skin is well-hydrated, excessive facial oil can result in acne and pimple outbreak.

Usually, dermatologists in Singapore or beauty salons only suggest mild and straightforward skincare routines to teenagers, for their skin is still young. Apart from the standard skincare daily routines suggested to teenagers, having a deep cleansing facial is likewise one of the best ways to keep the youngsters’ skin clean and acne-free. A student facial promotion that runs all year round at Casa Beauty is a targeted treatment developed for teenagers ought to have the following components:

* Light cleansing preparation
* Facial steaming
* Deep cleaning
* Exfoliating
* Careful painless extraction
* Masking
* Toning
* Moisturizing
* Sunscreen

Teenagers or student facial promotion are available at beauty salons as more affluent parents want their teenagers to have clear and healthy skin.

Various beauty parlours and health clubs now offer teenager/student facial packages that fit sensitive and young skin. Although these plans might be expensive, getting a professional facial is not wrong if teens want their blackheads and whiteheads drawn out by experienced beauticians.

In addition to the proper removal of dead skin cells and keratin waste on the face, teenagers can also seek skincare suggestions and suitable product recommendations from these specialized beauty salons and health spas providing facial treatments.

When it comes to those who do not have the spending plan to go to a beauty parlour or health club to get an excellent skincare facial treatment, home-made teenager facial treatments are the best option. However, it is still a need for teenagers to understand their skin types before using facial creams on their face. The following are the different skin types and the appropriate skincare facial treatments for each type.

1. Dry skin

Although dry skin is unusual in many teens, those who have dry skin must maintain a day-to-day application of moderate hydrating cleansing items and hydrating masks. Teens should avoid toning items containing witch hazel, alcohol, and other ingredients to dehydrate the skin.

2. Oily skin

For teenagers with oily skin, home-use face care should consist of cleansing products meant for acne susceptible and oily skin. The masks must be clay-based, and the moisturizers need to be oil-free.

3. Sensitive skin.

Teenagers with sensitive skin need to make use of products that consist of very moderate active ingredients. A delicate skin type needs, likewise, to be treated with mild and non-irritating moisturizers and toners.

4. Combination skin.

Combination skin type needs using moderate cleansers, light moisturizers, and hydrating moisturizers in the dry face areas. To stabilize the skin tone, teens with a mixed kind of skin must utilize skincare items that contain alpha-hydroxyl acids.

The above services in our service menu can also be part of our student facial promotion.
Casa Beauty Tampines recommends deep pore cleansing facial, light acid peels, and microdermabrasion treatments for teens with skin issues. These can effectively enhance the appearance and condition of the skin.