Gua Sha Facial And Its Benefits

Gua Sha Facial And Its Benefits. THE ORIENTAL BEAUTY PLAN


Energy devices such as RF, and ultrasound, parked under famous names such as Ultherapy or Thermage, are created to achieve the same goal: DEEP COLLAGEN STIMULATION.
Are you fascinated by the viral new trend of using a mysterious beauty tool Gua Sha? Are you wondering why it has become so famous all around the world? The reason behind the popularity of this small mystic beauty tool is that it can give your skin a new life. Gua sha helps increase the prominence of your face contours, and it brightens the skin by giving a beautiful glow and makes you say goodbye to your dark circles.

The benefits of Gua sha on face
Gua sha tools made of jade- Casa Beauty Tampines

History Of Gua Sha?

The recent popularity of Gua Sa might make you think that this is a new beauty tool. But that’s not the truth; Gua Sha has a spirited historical value in traditional Chinese medicine TCM. The word “Gua Sha” means scraping sand; as the name suggests, this tool was used in Chinese medicine as a scraping tool to increase blood circulation and remove toxins from the body. 

According to the beliefs of traditional Chinese medicine, your chi (energy) should flow throughout the body without any hindrance. Your health starts dropping whenever chi becomes stagnant at any part of the body, causing aches and pains or eternal lethargy. That is where Gua Sha helps, and it is scraped all over the body to make the flow of chi smooth again. The treatment of Gua Sha is done with several interesting and unique items like a coin, even honed animal bone, a Chinese soup spoon, a buffalo horn, or a jade stone. 

Get Gua Sha Facial From Experts:

Do you know that Gua Sha on the face is the most ‘ original ‘ form of collagen stimulation for your complexion? All the modern advanced technologies such as RF, Ultrasound, skin boosters and dermal fillers are trying to achieve the same result, deep collagen stimulation. 

The social media videos will make you think you can do a Gua Sha facial at home. But the truth is; to achieve the actual holistic benefits of Gua Sha facial, you need the help of experts. There are lymph nodes and meridian points on our faces that need to be scrapped systematically and in symmetry to reap the benefits.

At Casa Beauty- Tampines, we begin with a detailed consultation before the rejuvenating and healing Gua Sha facial, stimulating your blood flow and sculpting your face while giving you the radiance your tired skin was missing. The relaxing Gua Sha massage will jumpstart the fibroblast to produce more collagen and elastin and release your body’s tension. It will also help treat headaches or any other chronic pains in the back of the neck and shoulders.

Benefits Of Gua Sha Facial:

Gua Sha facial, done correctly and releases its unlimited healing benefits that will amaze you, and the smooth flow of chi will make your complexion smooth, taut, fresh and re-energized. Following are some of the most profound benefits of the Gua Sha facial. 

Improves Blood Circulation:

Gua Sha helps in improving blood circulation and provides more oxygen to the skin cells. It stimulates lymphatic drainage and decreases swelling on the face. Your skin will appear fresh and glowing when it receives the right amount of blood and oxygen with the help of Gua Sha.

Reduces The Appearance Of Fine Lines And Wrinkles:

Gua Sha massage helps soften stiff facial muscles responsible for the fine lines and wrinkles you develop with age. When your facial muscles are relaxed, the formation of new wrinkles and fine lines will slow down dramatically. 

Fights Acne And Acne Scars:

Some people say you should avoid Gua Sha if you have acne, but the truth is far different. Gua Sha helps in removing congestion from pores responsible for acne. It also helps in reducing redness and inflammation. In addition, it stimulates the cell regeneration process, which helps in diminishing acne marks. 

Reduces Puffiness:

The accumulation of fluids causes your face to look puffy. With the help of the Gua Sha facial, you can get rid of this puffiness caused by water retention and late nights.

Gua sha eyes at casa beauty Tamines

Soothes tired eyes and eye circles:

Gua sha eye treatment does WONDERS!

With the help of the Gua Sha tool, the area around the eyes is stimulated; as the circulation moves, the tight and tired eye muscles will relax, giving you the edge to fight another battle. The feeling is like changing out of a pair of tight heels for your bedroom slippers, and the relief is instant and impactful for the wearer. Gua Sha for the eyes will make it burn bright and beautiful. 

Refine The Facial Contours:

Massaging the Gua Sha tool will refine your cheekbones and jawline, filling up the apples of the cheek. Having a Gua Sha facial will give you a chiselled look that will not go unnoticed.

Deep Relaxation:

The massage of Gua Sha releases tension from the face, neck, and shoulder and untangles the knotted areas. As a result, your body will receive deep relaxation, and positive energy will start flowing throughout your body.

 Relief From Headaches And Neck Pain:

Gua Sha is known for its healing properties. For example, many people who suffered from chronic neck pain and headaches got relief from Gua Sha. Thus, having a Gua Sha facial can help you fight migraine headaches and other body aches.


A Healthy Glow:

Gua Sha provides your skin with all the nutrients and oxygen required to glow healthy by increasing blood circulation. In addition, it removes toxins from the skin and chases off dullness, leaving the skin soft and radiant. 

Prevents Sagging:

If you are a person who wishes to stay young naturally without any invasive procedures, Gua Sha Facial is definitely for you. Gua sha facial intensely exercises the SMAS layers ( muscle layers) to tighten facial muscles and prevent sagging. The case of ” One gua-sha facial a month keeps ageing at bay” is valid. It gives a youthful look by lifting and rejuvenating the skin.

Better Absorption Of Skincare Products:

With regular gua sha facials and smooth circulation, the skincare products will absorb better, increasing efficacy. This better absorption is vital to making your skin more beautiful, hydrated, and spotless. 

Relieves Sinus Congestion:

There is even a health benefit of the Gua Sha facial. It helps relieve sinus congestion by stimulating the nasal lymph nodes. So you can get relief from your sinus problem with the help of a Gua Sha facial if you get it from a skilled professional who knows the right pressure points.

The Oriental Beauty Plan 

 The benefits of the Gua Sha facial are natural, holistic and abundant. This ancient tool can change the game of your skin with its holistic properties. But keep in mind that you need skilled hands behind the Gua Sha to reap its maximum benefits. Collagen stimulation is key to looking youthful.

Casa Beauty-Tampines’s ORIENTAL BEAUTY PLAN is a comprehensive treatment combining the best 2 TCM beauty treatments, the gua sha stimulation and jade disc rejuvenation. 

Jade disc rejuvenation is a therapeutic form of the crystal healing that brings about cell renewal and circulation. It effectively detoxes the skin, pumps up moisture and calms redness. Combine with gua sha, and it is the perfect combination like ‘ the yin and yang’ that deeply calms your mind and complexion. Oriental Beauty Plan has sent many of our customers deep into slumberland within the first 30 mins. An ampoule of choice and high-quality European cabin products are used in this treatment.