How Much Should An Affordable Facial In Tampines Cost?

How much should You be paying for a Facial?

Almost daily, we have dealt with numerous customers walking into our salon or calling us for a price list looking for Affordable facial in Tampines.

There is a group of customers who are willing to only spend $38 for a facial, and anything else that we might recommend to them is an attempt to sell them unnecessary services.

On the other hand, some customers think that cheap is never good, and they want the most expensive treatment on the menu, so much so that they think that a salon in my HDB area will never provide any quality facial services.

So today, we shall discuss what a fair price to pay for a quality facial. The correct price to pay for your facial will be the value equal to the dollar that you spend.

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Customers first need to understand that facial treatments are very different from the 80s, where there is only simple cleansing, steaming, and extracting blackheads.

There are so many professional treatments and machines targeting different skin issues such as oiliness, anti-ageing, sensitive skin, and acne and acne scars.

The popularity of facial treatments has proven that it makes a difference in skin quality and slows down the speed of a person’s ageing process.


Professional Products and Machines

The first thing determining the facial price will be the brand and quality of the products used in the cabin. Skincare products selling in drug stores are known as rack brands, where people can pick and go; picking the correct product will be like drawing a good lot for the young and inexperienced.

The next level is the counter brands, usually manned by a counter staff,  which showcases fancy packaging and glamourous models. However, the cost of the spokesmodel could cost double the product. In recent years, the rise of the ‘ indie brands’ in Sephora Singapore has caught the attention of young consumers. Internet sensations or personas usually excite such brands, and few questioned their qualification and capacity to produce skincare and makeup.

 Facial salons typically use only skincare brands of professional-grade that are only available in spas and salons. It comes in its range of cleansers, toners, ampoules, serums and masks that complement each other in the Facial cabin. The ampoules and serum range and very extensively segmented for different skin types and issues.

Their masks are typically individually packed in single doses and in forms such as warm 300gms clay masks that is impossible to DIY at home. Such treatment products are never cheap. A single dose of ampoule or mask can cost tens of dollars.

Facial machines such RF, galvanic, LED lights need constant refills of cartridges and annual servicing. They will also be ready to be written off after specific years of usage.


Commercial space renting in Singapore is one of the costliest in the world. Depending on the location, it can cost up to $15-$25 PSF of rental in busy departmental stores or buildings. So it will make sense to be in the HDB area like Casa Beauty Tampines, but it took years to build a loyal clientele and a strong following in a neighbourhood area.

Running a salon in an HDB area faces the same challenges as the town salons, to provide affordable facials in Tampines, maintain high standards and quality.

Workers Salary and Levy

 Very few Singaporeans like to work in the retail service industry because of the irregular and late hours. Many good beauticians in Singapore are from across the causeway Malaysia. The company employing foreign workers needs to pay a levy on top of their salary. Levy has been getting higher in recent years, and it is not surprising that a foreign worker requires a levy from $600-$800. Depending on the organisation’s structure, some may need accommodations and certain meals to be provided for the workers.

We would conclude that a high-quality luxurious facial from brands like Maria Galland, Jyunka, Inspira will cost between $180-$300, making it the affordable facial in Tampines or at least it is a reasonably priced facial for the quality of products used. We would encourage consumers to research the brands’ reputation, and customers have every right to know and inspect the quality of skin care products used on them.


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