How To Select A Suitable Facial Product

How to select a facial skincare product

When we think about skincare, the facial treatment seems to top the chart. The most common facial skincare products are the ones that are used daily in the morning and night.

The general category of products for facial treatment is based upon the following:



There are facial skincare products for men, and there are facial skincare products for women. There are even skincare products for babies and children.

Skin Type

Choosing the correct products for facial treatment according to skin type, is essential. The five skin types are Oily Skin, Dry Skin, Combination Skin, Sensitive Skin and Dehydrated Skin. Skin type changes as we age, seasons we go thru in life. It is essential to customise skincare products for your facial treatment for the best results.


There are facial skincare products made for different age groups, most comprehensive ranges will be hydration from below 30 years old and antiageing for the mature age group.

Skin Condition

Facial skincare products for the facial treatment of various skin disorders such as reactive, eczema or acne skin conditions. Some skin conditions are long term, and some are short span.

Facial products for facial treatment are available in different forms and texture mainly lotions, serums, creams, gels, powders, masks, in recent years there are also the ampoules, essence, mists, fluids, emulsions and potions that can undoubtedly cause a little panic in the newbies of skincare. There is a lot of discussions which form or texture is better; the truth is there is no clear winner; the best product is the one that you feel most comfortable using.

It’s essential to note that these products for facial treatment work differently for different people. If you are particularly reactive, the safest way is to try the facial skincare item on a small area of skin, i.e. behind the ear lobes before going ahead on the whole face.

Another important consideration is the condition of your skin. If you are struggling with a skin condition of any kind, it is best to look for the suggestions of a professional beautician before you make your purchase and begin using a new product for facial treatment.

Getting home with your new skincare, make sure that you use the facial skincare product in the right way, in the correct sequence. It is always recommended to start from products with the lightest texture to the heaviest. Toner, essence, serum, eye cream, face cream, and SPF sunscreen in the day will be the correct order. Use the appropriate amount, too little is as good as none and too much is a waste, a standard size of 30ml serum and 50ml of cream should last about three months maximum of four months.

The focus of day time skincare routine should be about DEFENSE, and night time skincare is about REPAIR and REJUVENATION. Skincare is the staple to your skin, not just for beauty but maintaining the largest organ on the human body. It is never too young to start, never too old to neglect your skin.



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