I have many premium skincare products at home. Do I still need to visit the beauty salon once a month?

I have many premium skincare products at home. Do I still need to visit the beauty salon once a month?

Is caring for your face an essential service in Tampines?

In affluent Singapore, it is prevalent for a person to spend up to 500 dollars a month to replenish their skincare products. Some buy from salons, and some purchase from departmental stores. Due to busy lifestyle and schedules, many think they do not need to visit the salon for facials anymore, instead choosing to DIY their own at home. Is that a correct idea? Absolutely not! If you value your youthful face and a clear, healthy complexion, one should still get a facial monthly even without any skin issues. It applies to all ages and skin type. It is the same as why you can cook and still will eat out sometimes! We all need to be served, pampered and just switch off ourselves and let our souls heal.

Proper cleansing

Dust and grime build up over time. Most of the time, we would just wash up and slap on some products at the end of the day. A visit to the salon ensures your skin is deeply cleansed and pores purified. It ensures your home care products will remain the most effective.

Your Skin Change

Due to lifestyle, hormonal changes and stress, your skin behaves differently, and the treatments can target your issues. Nobody’s face remains unchanged thru the years. It changes from time to time and does not wait for your skin to flare up before seeing your beautician. A monthly visit ensures she can follow thru your skin’s temperament with treatments and correct products.

Skincare Routine Review

Your choice of skincare products should not be what is new and trendy, the latest in innovation. It should be what is most suitable for you. Any good brand has many series and ranges within it, and your beautician can accurate diagnose what is right for you. If you think using unsuitable products cannot make much difference, it would be the same medicating yourself when you have the flu.

Lymphatic Massages

OK, we know everybody loves a good facial massage, but do you know beauticians are not doing it to make you feel good? Massages can drain lymph and toxins from the face. There are massage techniques that stimulate the muscle layers for blood circulation, kick start cell regeneration, and promotes cell renewal. Trained beauticians know the lymph nodes and pressure points accurately. Twenty minutes of targeted massage is excellent holistic therapy. Cleopatra understands that since 1000 years ago.

Painless extractions

There is an elevated risk of infection and scarring when you extract acne and pimples at home. We have seen so many cases of a simple oil clog removed inappropriately bloom into an infectious fat pimple. Even in matured skin types, there is the occasion Millia seeds or deep imbed whiteheads. Some of these impurities occurred UNDER the skin layers, which requires a careful little snitch to get it removed. Disinfectant after extraction ensures no infection and speedy healing.

Do you know why you LIE DOWN when you do facials in salons, no matter how “instant” and fast-paced our society and many services have become?

 Lying down in total relaxation helps in the penetration of skincare active ingredients. It does something healing to your emotion and physiological self.
We are putting aside whether you can locate a trustworthy beautician to get good facials; getting one once a month is an essential service in Tampines. We understand you have a busy schedule and a stressful job. Your kids and family need you, and you have an active social calendar to keep. Still, you deserve a little time out once a month just to reconnect with yourself.
We look forward to being of service to you.