Jade Facial Singapore: The Empress’s Favourite

TCM Jade Facial in Singapore

In recent times, beauty chasers embraced the essentials of Korean-beauty and Japanese-beauty. Consequently, jelly formulas, sheer masks, and konjac sponges in kitsch wrapping have become regular features of our skincare routine. However, some traditional facial treatments truly stood the test of time and remained as popular as hundreds of years before, and TCM Jade facial is one of them. In this country, where 75% of the population is Chinese, it is no wonder that Jade facial Singapore has enjoyed such popularity.


The Ancient story of Jadestone Facials: 

Have you ever wondered why jadeite facials remain popular despite trends? There is a veneer of history and urbane philosophy to the universal approach to facial treatments using jade massagers.

Jade rolling facials started in Ancient China as a skincare formality reserved for royal ladies and the elite class. Jade was the most precious gemstone with anti-ageing super-powers. 

This little “fairy tool” is known as “Yushi Gunlun” (玉石滚轮)in Chinese. 

The jade massager was believed to be “revived” during the Qing Dynasty. According to some servants in the forbidden place close to her, it is said that Empress Dowager Cixi adored the facial massager and utilised it regularly as part of her beauty regime.

The Jade facial rollers have always played a notable role in Chinese culture for ages. The jade stone represents health and prosperity in ancient times, and ever since, it has gained immense popularity globally. 

The Benefit of Jade Facial Treatment: 

The Jadite facial is well-known because of its beguiling qualities. In the hands of an expert beautician, the beauty tool covers everything from lymphatic drainage, leading to vanishing fine lines to boosting blood circulation. It is also quite impressive for reducing dark eye circles as it helps to eliminate the toxins and drain extra fluid that surrounds the eye area.

TCM always has an emphasis on the universal balance of the “chi”.The ancient beauty tool’s rolling action effectively tightens and tones the skin’s texture and enhances its elasticity and firmness by increasing blood circulation through the lymph targeting massage. The increased blood flow provides a clear and bright look to the skin and removes the impervious dead skin cells. Furthermore, it also diminishes the skin’s inflammation ( for sensitive skin) and puffiness and allows the Professional skincare products to perforate more deeply.

What can I expect from an Imperial Jadeite Facial at Casa Beauty Tampines ?

Jade facial Singapore has been associated with harmony and peace. It is known to calm skin flare outs, remove redness, and make your skin less puffy. 

This popular holistic treatment at Casa Beauty-Tampines starts with a thorough cleansing, followed by an enzyme exfoliator to cleanse skin pores deep and prepare it for extraction if needed. Your beautician will prepare a cocktail of serums suitable for your skin type or a particular skin condition. Layer with an emollient cream, you will feel the cool sensation of the jade roller running systematically in carefully applied pressure all over your face. Massage fans will be delighted that it will be followed by Casa Beauty signature lymphatic massage by hand. This treatment will end with a customised luxurious face mask. The whole treatment takes 90 mins, up to 120 mins if many extractions are required, especially in new cases.

We sincerely urge you if you have yet to try this fantastic TCM Jade facial. Most of our customers entered total relaxation almost immediately and emerged the cabin looking relaxed and glowing.