JYUNKA Anti-wrinkle Treatment ( Bestseller!) 90mins

Ageing brings wrinkles to your face and makes you look older than your age. There’s nothing that should make you look old when you’re still in the early quarters of your life. And, you deserve to have a wrinkle-free glowing face. JYUNKA Anti-wrinkle treatment is an excellent anti-wrinkle facial in Tampines to rejuvenate your skin and eliminate wrinkles.

Your face experience two types of wrinkles the one is static, and the other is dynamic wrinkles. The fact is not all wrinkles are alike.

  • Dynamic wrinkles appear on your face when you express emotions. The most common dynamic wrinkles are smile lines, forehead wrinkles, and frown lines. Once the emotional state passes, dynamic wrinkles disappear from your face. They go as quickly as they appear.
  • Static wrinkles appear when you age, and they tend to stay on your face after your facial muscles relax. Static wrinkles appear when your skin encounters collagen break down and lose its elasticity. 

Jyunka Anti wrinkle facial in tampines By Casa beauty

Price : $350 First Trial : $169

JYUNKA anti-wrinkle treatment is a combination of very effective procedures, which include:

  • Deep sonic cleansing
  • RF (Radio Frequency)
  • Cryo Cold Therapy
  • Beauty laser
  • Electroporation

This combined therapy works against the effects of ageing, exposure to UV rays, and dryness. As a result, smoothness and glow are restored by the best anti-wrinkle facial in Tampines.

What does JYUNKA Anti-wrinkle treatment do?

JYUNKA‘s anti-wrinkle treatment brings together nature and technology to provide youthful and radiant skin. 

Every therapy in this treatment has its effectiveness, collectively working to give you the radiant skin you deserve and seek. 

Radio Frequency Treatment

Radio Frequency treatment tightens and lifts the facial contour by energizing the dermis layer. This treatment uses energy waves to heat the dermis layer of your skin, resulting in collagen production. 

Deep Sonic Cleansing

Your skin is exposed to impurities and potentially harmful pollutants that sit in your skin and damage it over time. It damages the skin cells and worsens ageing signs like wrinkles and fine lines’ prominent appearance. Deep sonic cleansing uses sonic cleansing heads that vibrate at a sonic speed and agitate the skin pores’ lining to dislodge pollutants and impurities. The whole procedure is highly effective yet gentle. 

Cryo Cold Therapy

Cryotherapy quickly brings down the skin temperature to between -10 to -25 to prepare the skin for serum penetration and tightens the pores for a radiant glow. JYUNKA’s miraculous serum works well when it penetrates your skin, and cryotherapy is the perfect way to prepare your skin for the serum’s effective results. 

Beauty Laser

Over time, the skin’s outer layers get loose, and scars and blemishes, and acne are visible on your skin. Beauty laser treatment resurfaces your skin by removing the skin layer by layer. With the formation of new skin cells, you get tighter and fresher-looking skin. 


Electroporation, the gentle galvanic currents bring customized JYUNKA professional serums into deep skin layers to deeply nourish, moisturize and repair skin cells. The purpose of Electroporation is to disrupt the cell membrane of the area under consideration. It allows the JYUNKA serums to penetrate quickly and deep into the skin, providing their results with great effectiveness. 

All JYUNKA Face Treatments comes with relaxing massage, careful painless extraction and eyebrow trimming

Jyunka machine is a total facial care system at Casa Beauty Tampines

What Causes Wrinkles On Your Face, And How To Protect Your Skin?

When you age, the skin loses the collagen responsible for keeping your skin firm and supple. Apart from age, there are also a few other causes behind wrinkles. If your skin is exposed to UV rays all the time and your dietary habits are not healthy, this may speed up the process of collagen reduction. 

You can protect your skin and lengthen the good results with good home skincare products By JYUNKA.