JYUNKA Anti-wrinkle Treatment ( Bestseller!) 90mins


JYUNKA Anti-wrinkle Treatment is a combined therapy of deep sonic cleansing, RF, Cyro Cold Therapy, Beauty laser and Electroporation. This anti-wrinkle treatment smoothen static wrinkles caused by dryness, ageing and sun exposure. RF ( radio frequency) treatment tightens and lifts the facial contour by energising the dermis layer. Cryotherapy quickly brings down the skin temperature to between -10 to -25 to prepare the skin for serum’s penetration and tightens the pores for a radiant glow.
Electroporation which are gentle galvanic currents that bring customised JYUNKA professional serums into deep skin layers to nourish, moisturise and repair skin cells deeply.
Price : $350 First Trial : $160


All JYUNKA Face Treatments comes with relaxing massage, careful painless extraction and eyebrow trimming