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All JYUNKA Face Treatments comes with relaxing massage, careful painless extraction and eyebrow trimming

JYUNKA Lifting Treatment (90mins)

The power V lift by JYUNKA

Ageing causes your skin starts to lose its firmness. The reduction of collagen and elastin makes your skin look dull and saggy. But, there’s little to worry about it because you can have facial lifting treatment to rejuvenate your skin.
With JYUNKA lifting treatment at the best beauty salon in Tampines, you can rejuvenate your skin’s firmness and freshness.




 Price: $320 First trial : $149

How Does Sagging Happen? 

With age comes its effects. Saggy skin can result from a few different causes. In case you have spent hours in the gym to lose weight, saggy skin can be a side effect because your body loses stored fats. 

The reduction in collagen production or deterioration of elastin in the dermis also makes your skin look saggy and dull. It’s more likely to experience saggy skin when you age. 

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How Aging Causes Saggy Skin?

Your skin has two proteins responsible for keeping your skin firm, glowing, fresh, and youthful. These crucial proteins are collagen and elastin. As you grow old, the production and strength of these two proteins reduce. 

As the name suggests, elastin is responsible for keeping your skin firm — giving your skin the ability to bounce back to its youthful shape when stretched. 

If your skin is taut, fresh, and firm, you have collagen to thank. Collagen is made from fibroblasts, and its tightly constructed fibres keep your skin in a defined structure and keep it firm. 

As you age, these proteins’ production reduces significantly, and your skin starts to lose its firmness and youthfulness. 

Signs of Saggy Skin

When you age and its adverse effects start to appear, you can notice saggy skin on your body. If you stretch your skin and it snaps back to its position, it means your skin is firm and safe from ageing effects. When your skin loses its firmness, it sags. 

Saggy skin can appear almost anywhere on your body. However, it’s more common to see saggy skin in the following areas:

● Your eyelids become saggy.

● The lower part of your cheek or jowls

● Chin

● The upper part of your arms

● Throat

● The abdominal area near the stomach

Some other causes of saggy skin include regular exposure to the sun and UV rays, exposure to pollutants in the environment, poor eating habits, and smoking and alcohol consumption. 

JYUNKA V. Total Skin Solution by Casa Beauty Tampines

How Can JYUNKA Help In the Lifting?

When it comes to facial lifting treatment, using specialized products gives out the best results. And, that’s why JYUNKA is the choice of every top-quality beauty salon in Tampines to provide facial lifting treatment. 

For facial lifting treatment at CASA Beauty Tampines, M+ Fluid by JYUNKA is used because of the pure grade Vitamin C present in it in the form of L-Ascorbic Acid — encapsulated with the patented QuSome technology that stimulates collagen and elastin production in your skin. At JYUNKA, a total skincare solution combining five enhanced technologies is used to offer high-quality lifting treatment:

Skin sonic scrubber – exfoliate the dead cells and impurities from your skin and restore the healthy glow. 

Radio Frequency – low energy radiation is provided to your skin’s deep layer to heal and stimulate collagen production. 

Electroporation – passageway to your skin’s epidermis is opened using an electric field, which effectively delivers nutrients into the cells. 

Beauty Laser – remove the skin layer by layer with precision, bring out the natural glow, and reduce wrinkles. 

Cryotherapy – remove abnormal tissues from your skin.

At CASA Beauty salon in Tampines, an incredible facial lifting treatment is accomplished by incorporating JYUNKA V treatment technologies. 


All JYUNKA Face Treatments comes with relaxing massage, careful painless extraction and eyebrow trimming