Do Real Men Get Facials?

Do Real Men Get Facials? Men Facials in Singapore

There’s a little bit of a social preconception concerning facial for men in Singapore, isn’t there? A feeling that facials are just for ladies, that men should not be caring for their complexion too much or it is a sissy act to get a facial. But here are the facts, men may enjoy the body massage more but the occasional facial for men is necessary for the hot and humid Singapore. Facials enhance the look of your skin help you to look more youthful, healthier and provide you with a smoother shave every morning. A clean fresh face will be like wearing a crisp white shirt.

Men’s skin often tends to be a little thicker than females and with more prominent pores, leading to more oily skin, pimple outbreaks and blackheads. Furthermore, do you know is that peeling (the elimination of dead skin cells) is necessary as it can assist in alleviating ingrown hairs as well as getting rid of dead skin, giving you better-shaving experiences. Moreover, an intense boost of hydration will undoubtedly give your skin a lovely sheen (Not oiliness). Consider this combination of peeling and hydration boost for your faces like changing the engine oil in your cars and bike, a smoother driving experience. The great news is you don’t also have to get facial for men treatments every week to see tremendous differences. Just one facial every 4 to 6 weeks will do the job.


 Seven reasons why do real men get facials?

Regardless of your skin type, you will experience benefits well beyond just washing with a cleanser at home.

1. Facials for men are a Power Clean for Your Face

Facials have been utilized for generations to detoxify, and that’s still among their most significant benefits. The weather in Singapore is hot and humid, and pollution traps dirt under the skin. Every facial for men in Singapore will start with a thorough and deep cleansing of your skin, followed by a peel or scrub, which opens up pores and softens deep-down dirt so the beauticians can extract the clogs easily.

2. Deep Cleansing Facial for Men in Singapore Remove Blackheads Better Than a Pore Strip.

Part of getting the deep cleansing facials is professional extractions. The beautician manually removes blackheads from your pores, extract acne, and does away with any other pimples that could be triggering blockages. It is not like pressing a pimple on your own. It takes skills and experience to remove impurities with minimum pain and leave no scars. In addition, facials help reduce the appearance of pore size and promote a better skin tone.

3. Facials Exfoliate Better (as well as Safer) Than At-Home Treatments.

Peelings in facial salons get rid of dead skin cells, improve complexion, reduce the appearance of pore size, and also assists the skincare products you’re using to infuse deeper and function. Unlike the normal facial scrub you’re using at home, professional-level exfoliating products can target deep layers of skin and eliminate more dead cells. Chemical exfoliators use enzymes or acids to break the bonds between skin cells and eliminate them, whereas scrubs target the skin’s surface. Usually, only beauticians use these professional products safely to offer you better results. It is nothing less than pure charisma for a man to have a clean, glowing complexion.

4. Obtaining a Facial Is a Good Way to Learn About Your Skin.

A beautician will be able to analyze your skin and see things you might not from looking in the mirror, like whether you’re making use of the right skincare products and getting results. It resembles having a mechanic peek under the hood of your vehicle. “A face is a terrific way to learn more about your skin as well as have somebody that is experienced in skincare inform you concerning your skin type and skin conditions.”

5. Experts Have Much Better Devices.

Just like beauticians use professional products during a facial, they also have better devices/ machines at their disposal to enhance your skin. “They use a great deal of LED lights, some high frequency, RF, Cryotherapy as well as ultrasound. These are professional-grade devices/ machines that help to improve skin from the inside out. The most significant distinction between what’s offered at a facial and your bathroom sink is that intensity and professionalism provide much better results.

6. Facials Can be most relaxing, can be better than body massage

A big draw of a men’s facial in Tampines is that they are unwinding and relaxing. That is what a body massage in Tampines or a foot reflexology session will do, minus the results to bring home. It is whole 60 minutes of mobile screenless time. For that, once a month, facial forces you to give up control and let someone else take the wheel.

7 Image is Important for a man much as for a woman

A clean face gives the impression that the man cares for his hygiene and image, affecting his job and dating prospects. It is hard for a woman to look at an oily face with blackheads on the cheeks and nose. A woman can hide facial imperfections under concealers and foundation. A man cannot, not in this sweltering hot weather of Singapore.