Eye Brow Artistry

Misty Eyebrow Embroidery $488 ( Includes one touch up within 2 months)

Are you looking for Misty eyebrow embroidery in Tampines? Having complete and natural eyebrows is a dream for every woman. They give life to your eyes and enhance your facial features. Eyebrow embroidery can instantly give You the natural barefaced look, saves time in the morning and is perfect for working from home.
Your eyebrows are almost the first thing people noticed when out of the home. So, people always have tried their best to make them look attractive. However, drawing a perfect pair of brows every day is not an easy task.

Misty Eye Brow Artistry

How is it done? 

  1. The process is simple; the brow artist will trim your brows according to your desired shape and cleanse them thoroughly.
  2.  Then, using an eyebrow pencil, the artist will draw your desired shape and volume of eyebrows, adjusting it to your perfection. 
  3. Once achieving your desired eyebrow shape, an anaesthetic cream is applied to the brow area for 20 mins to reduce discomfort.
  4. Then, the brow artist will use a suitable tool and fill colour pigments at the root of the brow, slightly scratching the surface. Again, different tools are used for creating shape, volume and details.
  5. Once, complete a light recovery cream will be applied over the eyebrow.


A) Is it painful?
That is always the top question! A good anaesthetic cream can block out up to 90% of discomfort. It is less painful than eyebrow threading and waxing, or about the same.

B) Does it take a long time to recover?
That would depend much on the skills of the artist and your skin type. A good artist is just scratching the top layer of the skin to fill in the pigments. Most can return to work the same day or the next. A thin layer of a scab will fall off after five days to 1 week and reveal the most natural brow colour.

C) Is eyebrow embroidery only for women?
We are getting increasingly more male customers. More men are seeking more volume to their eyebrows, a move that increases their ” machoism” index.

D) What about eyebrow embroidery aftercare?
Keep the eyebrow area clean and apply a thin layer of the recovery cream. Avoid skincare products that contain AHA and retinol that may irritate the skin.

E) How long does it last?
Eyebrow embroidery usually lasts for 12-18 months. After that, the pigment fades gradually, and you can go for a yearly touch-up treatment. However, even without any touch-ups, filling in with a brow pencil will be a breeze.


F) What if my eyebrow embroidery turned out looking very “fierce” or unnatural?
Would you please not think of eyebrow tattoos in the 1980s, which uses permanent pigments that turn green after some time. The thick boxy eyebrow look was also in trend during that era. These days, it is about being natural. There are more men and women who had their brows embroidered than you notice.

Casa Beauty’s Eyebrow artist has more than 20 years of experience in this field and has completed well over 2000 pairs of brows. Eyebrow embroidery in Tampines is at your neighbourhood doorstep. 

Our price is $488 that includes a touch up within 2 months. Please feel free to drop by for a chat and see what can we do for yr eyebrows.