Benefits of Getting a facial once a month

Is it worth getting a monthly facial? The answer is YES! Facial treatments are one of the best investment you can do, taking care of one’s self and skin always pays off. One can own many expensive handbags and dresses, and money will come and go from our purses, but your face and its condition speak volumes. You cannot exchange for a new face getting old, neither can you ion out the wrinkles once it is formed. Despite having an excellent day and night skincare routine, your skin might need some extra professional care. Having a monthly facial is recommended to keep your skin healthier and glowing. 

  • Reduce stress 

Getting monthly facials can reduce stress and anxiety; your face contains different pressure points that are massaged during a facial, resulting in a relaxed and stress-free state. Having a facial also takes you away from the stress and pollution of the day. Reducing stress level can help you in a better sleep time, weight loss and a fresh start, giving a stress-free beautiful look to your face. 

  • Deep cleansing 

It’s essential to clean your skin daily for a fair complexion. Cleaning your skin is essential, apart from your daily cleansing routine, which sometimes can be slipshod because you finished work late or plain laziness. Having a deep, thorough cleaning of your skin once in a month by facial is the best thing you can do to have healthier-looking skin .

  • No more acne marks

Getting a facial once a month is needed for acne skin, during which we do careful extractions to remove all the blackheads, acne and pimples, which will hasten the clearing up of the pimple problem. Suitable good quality ampoules and serums in combinations with beauty machines will help lighten acne scars and also reduce the chances of acne break out and acne scar forming. 







Most of our regular patrons have a facial once a month at Casa Beauty-Tampines
  • Shrink pores 

 Do you know itis hard to shrink pore sizes? Having large pores can be hereditary and are usually the cause of acne and other skin damage. By getting a facial every month, you can indeed reduce the size of those large pores, of course, having a clarifying skincare routine helps a lot. 

  • Help in better circulation 

When you get a facial you have your whole face massaged, massaging your skin can help improve the blood flow and circulation resulting in microcirculation that results in radiant and glowing skin. A good facial massage helps exercising facial muscles and maintain their laxity.

  • Detoxify your skin

Pollution is rampant in this fast pace Singapore, and free radicals continuously attack your skin. It does not help that Singapore is also hot and humid; all of the above adds up to pollutants getting into your skin and cause various skin issues. Getting monthly facials will help you detoxify these pollutants from your skin by getting a good cleansing of your skin 

  • Get rid of fine lines and wrinkles 

Ageing is a natural process which takes place gradually, but it is irreversible and drastic ageing is a bad sign. Getting a facial monthly helps in deep cleansing, stimulate hyaluronic acid and collagen growth that which is very effective in keeping you looking vibrant and youthful. 

Very few actually look like a million bucks without any regular facials and skincare, they are just not telling you. Trust us, we know. 🙂