Signature Treatments

Students and Signature Facials in Tampines

We understand customers who are wary of expensive and hidden charges of Students and Signature Facials in Tampines or anywhere else. Make an appointment to try out the basic facials at $68 only. As we love the community in Tampines and care for our teens, all students with acne and acne scar issues at only at $98 with a thorough cleaning, careful extractions included. We also counsel many young people into proper ways to handle their acne and acne scar issues, trust  Casa Beauty – Tampines to take care of you.

Pampering Face and Neck Facial ( 60mins )
The basic of our student and signature facials, it will be a good start for you to experience our handiwork. Using generic brands of salon-quality skincare, the treatment starts with cleansing, exfoliation, careful extraction, massage and a customized mask according to your skin type. There is no better way to relax that having a facial that cleanses your face and tunes your soul and spirit.

Price $108 First Trial Price: $68

Intensive Purifying Facial ( 75 mins) ( suitable for Students)
Whether you are suffering from teenage or adult acne, Casa Beauty-Tampines has the perfect solution for you. Thorough cleaning and extraction are required, trust our steady hands to make it a painless experience whether it is removing serums, blackheads, whiteheads or that burning cystic acne. We can design a perfect acne/acne scar treatment for you.
Price: $158 First Trial Price: $98

Casa beauty Tampines has solutions for ance and acne scar treatments