How Much Does It Cost To Remove Skin Tags In Singapore?

How much does it cost to skin tag removal  Singapore?

We at Casa Beauty-Tampines probably see 3 to 5 new customers a week coming into our beauty salon to for skin tag removal in Singapore. We try not to do more than ten at a go as the healing process and the minor scarring might turn off for the customers. We instead do it gradually monthly if it is a severe case with a lot of skin tags. So today, allow us to share with our readers why people choose to remove skin tags in Singapore? How much does it cost to remove skin tags?

Skin tags are small skin bits that hang off the skin, like a protruding black or white head. They are usually found on the eyelids, face closer to the neck area, underarms, under the heavier breasts, around the groin area and under the folds of the buttocks. Such skin growth can be a few millimetres to about 1 cm in size. They are usually harmless, but people choose to remove them because of the following reasons:

Skin Tag Removal Singapore

Casa Beauty-Tampines has many years of experience skin tags removal, milia seeds, tiny moles, and whiteheads in Singapore. Our charges are reasonable and transparent.

If you are troubled with this skin issue, do not hesitate to call us at 65874889, we can explain clearly the details and quote you our service charges.

Skin tags are unsightly 

Skin tags can grow on both men and women. Did you notice that it never occurs to children and young people? They tend to happen to older persons or women after pregnancy due to hormonal changes. To some people, skin tag spells’ old’ or ‘aged.’ There are also claims that eating a lot of red meat is also a cause of skin tags forming. 

Do you remember the case of an elderly gentleman, patronise a salon in Tampines Central and ended with an over $4000 bill?? So much was discussed about the salon’s undesirable business antics. But, did you ever think WHY did that gentleman choose to walk into that shop? Because wanting to look our personal best is natural! Wanting to look and feel confident has no age barriers. We do not disdain a teen’s acne problem and an older person’s skin tag issue because ALL are entitled to that sense of well-being by looking presentable.

Skin tags can alter your appearance

Imagine a smooth face and acne-free in their 20s, and bits of unwanted flesh starts to grow around the eye area past 35; it can be very unsettling for a person’s self-image and esteem. Singapore’s hot and humid can also contribute to the unpleasantness of skin tags.

Luck and Fortune

Although we tell our customers never to be superstitious, some skin growths that were never there can bother some people. For example, we once remove a tiny protruding pea of a skin tag at the back of a male customer’s neck. He told us that someone advises him that the growth affects his fortune and chances of promotion at work. Although he was worried about how much it costs to remove the skin tag, he was pleased that it did not cost him a lot to remove it safely with us.

How can you get your skin tags removed?

The worst thing to do is to yank it off in front of the mirror and bleed. If the area is not correctly cleaned, infection leading to permanent scarring can happen. There are over the counter topical applications in places like Watsons store and Guardian pharmacies, but it takes a long time or might not work as promised. Sometimes, the topical solution may cause other irritations on the good skin.


Remove Skin Tags from roots

For Skin tag removal in Singapore going to an aesthetic doctor may be an excellent option to laser it off. Usually, it is a one-off treatment, but whatever treatments you choose, it may just regrow after some time on the same spot or different spot. Casa Beauty removes skin tags from roots so it never regrows again.

How does Casa Beauty-Tampines remove skin tags?

  1. We first cleanse the affected area thoroughly and observe whether it is a skin tag or other non-benign growth through a magnifying glass.
  2. The therapist will then apply an anaesthesia cream to desensitise the area. 
  3. We used an energy device with a heated tip, using very light circular movements to remove the skin tag from its root. The trick is not to go too deep or take longer to heal or leave scars. It cannot be too superficial that it is not cleanly done.
  4. Using the same feather-like technique, the heated tip will ‘tidy all the frayed skin’ surrounding the skin tag root, smoothening it ensuring it will heal nicely without any unevenness on the skin surface.
  5. We will clean, disinfect the area and apply a healing cream. 
  6. It usually takes one session to remove skin tags, but for deeper rooted and bigger sizes skin tags, a touch up session maybe required. 



Simple aftercare is to keep the area clean with correct recovery products. You might experience some stinging during the first shower on the same day. Scabs will form within 24 hours, and they will fall off naturally within a week. IMPORTANT: Please do not attempt to peel off the scabs. 

How much does it cost to remove skin tags in Tampines?

So how much does it cost to skin tag removal in Singapore at Casa Beauty-Tampines? 

Our charges start from $10 to remove skin tags in Singapore most depending on the size but most of the time, we do not even charge a cent to remove a few tiny ones for our regular customers who come for our facial treatments. After all, skin tag removal is just a minor small service we provide; please do not hesitate to talk to us if you are troubled by it. 

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