Speciality Treatments

Imperial Jadeite Face Therapy ( Bestseller!) 90mins


Jade is an important tool in the beauty therapy of the royal concubines.

The gentle pressure from jade massagers helps to stimulate circulation and leave the facial muscles more relaxed. Imperial jadeite face therapy encourages lymphatic drainage, boosts the skin’s health and beauty by draining away toxins and keratin waste; this allows a gentle toning and lifting effect. Be pampered by Casa beauty facial massage that relaxes; the natural cooling sensation of jade helps to calm the skin and soothe inflammation.
Price : $350 First trial : $138

Hyaluronic Skin Booster (90mins)

Hyaluronic Skin Booster by Casa Beauty Tampines

Boost moisture in the deep skin layers without any injections.

Boost skin moisture without injection and needles, a method of transdermal administration and known as needle-free mesotherapy. This technology delivers hyaluronic acid, necessary nutrients, active trace elements into the dermis layer of the skin. This treatment is comfortable that offers instant plump up and filling results that are comparable to medical aesthetics treatment.
Price : $298 First Trial: $128

Maria Galland Hot Modelling Mask ( 90 mins )

Maria Galland Hot Modelling Mask by Casa Beauty Tampines

Maria Galland Hot modelling mask has been a favourite facial treatment for anti-ageing and deep relaxation

Maria Galland is one of the most luxurious beauty name from Paris. Hot Modelling Mask is remains the most popular with 40 years of history in Singapore [/caption]

HOT MODELLING MASK TREATMENT by MARIA GALLAND is a classic, relaxing yet result-driven, this treatment based on a deep-acting, self-warming precious mask, available in deep moisture and anti-ageing versions. This treatment is precise down to the temperature of liquid used to mix the hot modelling mask. Ultimate pampering with casa beauty lymphatic massage and set many of our customers into a restful deep sleep. See and touch spectacular lifting results at the end of 90 minutes, work wonders for the neck area too.
Face $290             1st trial $148
Neck $250             1st trial $128


Lifting V shape face 90mins

Lifting V shape face by Casa Beauty Tampines

Look fresh and lifted with a distinct V shape face.

Achieve V shape the face and a glassy glow with deep facial muscle stimulation without any pain and side effects.
Price $280 First trial: $128

Skin Cellular Renewer (90mins)

cellular skin renewer by Casa Beauty Tampines
Renew skin cells and let the freshest layer of skin cells be at the top. Let your skin breath and have a treat with this cellular skin retreat.
Price : $300 First trial : $128

Plant Placenta Babyface treatment ( 90 mins )

Plant Placenta Babyface treatment

Do you wish your face to be baby like, soft and silky to touch?

Log off years from the tired face with this plant placenta treatment, placenta deeply nourishes skin cells from within and restore baby like young skin with a glow. .
Price: 280 First trial :$138

Meridian Guasha Face Treatment ( bestseller!) (90mins)

Gua sha facial By Casa Beauty Tampines

Gua sha is a traditional art, our grandmother’s answers to all ailments. Gua sha facial can bring, healing, health and energy into every skin cell!

Gua sha face treatment is a traditional old age-old way of beautifying skin popular with affluent ladies from the past to the present. Gua sha Facial uses a blunt blade of bull’s horn in combination with meridian ‘ scraping’ massage technique that boosts blood circulation, diminish water and toxic retention from the face. The refined scraping technique is designed to break up fascia, which are muscular tissue knots that form under the skin. Optimum circulation leaves the skin fresh with radiate with energy.
Price $280 First Trial $138

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