The Exfoliating Facial – INSPIRA: MED Peels

An exfoliating facial is the most neglected step of a skincare routine. Of course, you must follow cleansing, moisturizing, and protecting the skin by wearing sunscreen. But when it comes to getting an exfoliating facial for yr skin your skin, most get worried. A smoother and younger-looking complexion is hidden in deeper layers—several ways to exfoliate your skin, including physical exfoliation, chemical exfoliation, or chemical peels. The word chemical peel sounds scary to many, but it is beneficial for your skin. There is a misconception that chemical peel  ‘ thins out the skin too much” or causes the skin to be sensitive. The truth is regular correct chemical peels offer the best form of exfoliation of dead skin cells and keratin waste. Let’s take things slow and understand the importance of exfoliating facial and chemical peels.

The Importance of Exfoliation- Why Your Skin Needs INSPIRA: MED Peels

What is Exfoliation?

Do you ever wonder why a baby has smooth and softer skin? A baby’s skin replaces old cells with new and healthy cells every few days. Unfortunately, with ageing, the process of cell turnover slows down. As a result, dead skin cells start to build upon the surface and result in wrinkles, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, rough and dull complexion. Removing the dead skin cells is known as exfoliation. The physical or chemical exfoliants can do the job. Here we are going to discuss the chemical peels.

What are Chemical Peels?

A chemical peel is an exfoliating facial treatment that uses a chemical solution to remove dead skin cells from the surface. It is not something you are afraid of putting on your skin. On the contrary, chemical peels are excellent for treating a range of skin concerns. A chemical peel is a magic ingredient if you wish to have brighter, more transparent, and youthful-looking skin. Read on to know the incredible benefits of chemical peels. Chemical peels are also very popular as facial for men. 

Fade Fine Lines and Wrinkles

A chemical peel helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It helps to reveal a new layer of skin that is brighter, fresh, and unlined. Generally, a light peel works for superficial wrinkles. However, moderate to deep peel is a better solution for deeper wrinkles. For every skin type, it is beneficial to have an exfoliating facial once in a while.

Fade Dark Spots

Hyperpigmentation and dark spots affect a person’s self-esteem and confidence, many are looking for a hyperpigmentation cure. In addition, the hormonal changes, especially during pregnancy, cause dark spots or melasma. A chemical peel can help fight dark spots by accelerating cell turnover, making it an effective hyperpigmentation cure

Treatment of Acne

Chemical peel containing salicylic acid effectively reduces acne up to 95%. Another ingredient, Glycolic acid, also shows a significant improvement in acne treatment; it unclogs the pores and clears blackheads and whiteheads. As acne is a topical skin ailment, light to moderate chemical peel is used to treat it.

Correct the Sun Damage

The harmful rays of the sun damage the skin drastically. As a result, your skin becomes susceptible to premature ageing and hyperpigmentation. Chemical peels help to repair damaged skin cells and reverse the sun damage. As a result, the exfoliating facial keep your skin looking young and healthy.

Evens Out the Skin Tone

As chemical peel removes dead skin cells, it accelerates the growth of new and fresh cells. As a result, it rejuvenates the overall skin complexion, corrects pigmentation, gives a healthy and pretty glow. If the Korean glass complexion is something you yearned for, K-beauty is largely made of peels.

Types of Chemical Peels

Enhances the Effectiveness of Skincare Products

A chemical peel helps shed the topmost layer of skin and bring healthy cells to the surface. It sends the signals to dermal layers to promote collagen production that improves skin elasticity. In addition, it increases the production of hyaluronic acid, a humectant that keeps the skin surface moisturized and prevents water loss. After a chemical peel, your skincare products will absorb better into deeper layers. It increases their effectiveness to improve your skin.

Types of Chemical Peels

Not all chemical peels are the same. They are categorized based on their strength and acid type, which skin types can respond differently. For example, a salicylic acid-containing chemical peel is suitable for acne-prone skin. On the other hand, wrinkles and pigmentation require a stronger peel. All chemical peels are great for skin rejuvenation, but an expert can guide you on which one to choose for your skin type and concerns.


INSPIRA: MED, the gentle yet effective substitute to invasive plastic surgery, their professional skincare series are natural provisions created to help the skin regain its smooth, radiant and youthful appearance. Developed by skin dermatologists, Inspira:med is a trusted brand that provides medical-grade chemical peel products for home and professional use. The German precision and quality as well as compliance ensure the safety and effectiveness of their chemical peels. Three different concentrations are available in the INSPIRA: MED that is as follows:

Peel 60 Exfoliator-
is a powerful exfoliator containing AHA and BHA acids. It is for professional use only. Our experts at Casa Beauty will understand your skin type and needs before applying this powerful exfoliator to your skin. Peel 60 exfoliator is best for smoothening out wrinkles and fading pigmentation.
Inspira med 60
Inspira med 60
Peel 40 Exfoliator-
is comparatively less potent than peel 60 exfoliator. It contains AHA acids, including glycolic acid, malic acid, citric acid, and tartaric acids, ideal for improving skin tone and texture. This type is also limited to professional use.
Peel 20 Exfoliator-
is the mildest chemical peeling that prepares your skin for more vigorous exfoliation. It is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin. You can use it at home. However, don’t exceed the application time of more than 20 minutes.
Inspira is a cutting edge skincare brand that not only offers you the chemical peels but a wide range of skincare products targeting your skin concerns and making your skin healthy and radiant.
Inspira med 40
The Bottom Line
Are you ready to peel back the fantastic skincare benefits? Now you know everything about chemical peels and the difference they made, give it a try!

We at Casa Beauty Singapore have a team of professionals that examine your skin type, understand your skin concerns and offer you an exfoliating facial that promises smoother and healthier skin.