Do you know which is the undisputed Best Facial Singapore?  The most coveted look in the K-Beauty is the Korean glow facial Singapore. It is healthy, plumped up, every Korean actress’s luminous and pearl-like look. You might be surprised to know that it is not a Korean product that did that, it is an ingredient from France. Its name is FILLMED NCTF

  1. What is FILORGA NCTF?

  2. What is so special about FILORGA NCTF

  3. The birth of FILORGA skincare

  4. When did FILORGA become FILLMED?

  5. Who/ what made FILORGA famous?

  6. When did Casa Beauty-Tampines start doing this ”CHANEL SKIN BOOSTER”?

What is FILORGA?

FILORGA originates from France. Origin of the name Filorga = FILLER – ORGANIC. It was invented in 1978 by an aesthetic medical doctor, DR MICHEL TORDJMAN, fascinated by cellular ageing. The core product, FILORGA NCTF, was an innovation in cellular anti-ageing solutions, the pioneer with the 1st anti-ageing injectable cocktail in the ’80s. FILORGA NCTF ( short form: New Cell Therapy Factor) was awarded ISO 13485=Pharmaceutical level.  Ageing is a process of losing nutrients and hyaluronic acid the skin needs, but the Best Facial Singapore will take care of that. 

What is so special about FILORGA? The main ingredient in the Best Facial Singapore?

Ageing happens through time; as the clock ticks, the body loses its nutrients or declines in the ability to produce substances such as hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin. FILORGA NCTF is a unique polyrevitalising solution with more than 53 active ingredients to stimulate the metabolism of our skin cells, resulting in effective anti-ageing. 

FILORGA NCTF is the main ingredient in the Korean Glass skin treatment, it works like a skin health elixir; it contains all the elements required to allow our skin cells to function correctly, particularly to stimulate fibroblast activity with:

Free HA ( Hyaluronic acid)

12 vitamins 

24 amino acids 

6 co-enzymes + nucleic acids 

6 minerals + 6 others

Clinical tests have shown the effectiveness of FILLMED NCTF on skin quality.

-33% volume of fine lines
-59% pore size
-49% dull complexion
+ 52% evenness
+ 147%: fibroblast stimulation
+ 256%: collagen stimulation
+ 90%: anti-free radical action

FILORGA NCTF is currently the world’s number 1 in polyrevitalisation and skin booster. The main ingredient of the Korean glow facial Singapore with over 3 million bottles sold.

The Birth of Korean Glow Facial Singapore, FILORGA skincare

Since the invention and the success of NCTF, two skincare ranges containing NCTF, SKIN PERFUSION for medical and professional use, and the MEDICOSMETIQUE range with its signature black packaging for pharmacies and departmental stores. Filorga Medicosmetique boost of having the most retail points throughout France. 

The Skin perfusion and Médi-cosmétique range came about after discovering chronospheres (microscopic vectors) technology at CNRS (national scientific research centre).
Chronospheres technology enables Filorga NCTF to penetrate the dermis without using a needle; it also effectively transports active ingredients deep inside the skin and gradually diffuses throughout the day and night for precise efficacy.


When did FILORGA become FILLMED?

Around 2017, Filorga went through a significant rebranding exercise, creating a new name Fillmed ( Filorga+medical) and putting the fillers, chemical peels, Skin Perfusion skincare of cos, NCTF under it.

Filorga lost the right to use the term NCTF and changed it to NCEF. Thus, consumers must take note that Filorga NCTF has ceased to exist since 2017. The coveted  polyrevitalising solution is internationally named FILLMED NCTF HA135. 

Who/ what made FILORGA / FILLMED Korean glow facial in Singapore famous?

Interesting, it is the affluent Korean and China market that has given FILORGA and FILLMED the star status it has today. FILORGA medicosmetique range, in particular, the Meso mask, which is known as the perfect tonic mask (十全大补面膜), grace the dresser of many China ladies. FILLMED NCTF skin booster treatment is branded with a CHANEL status, and it is certainly not an easy feat to impress the “aesthetic enthusiastic” Korean beauty market” ( try googling: why Koreans love filorga nctf) , you will come to a long list of doctors, influencers and consumers endorsing it, Baidu filorga in Chinese you will get a longer list!) It makes its appearance in  our local beauty scene and soon become the Best Facial Singapore

When did Casa Beauty-Tampines start doing ”CHANEL SKIN BOOSTER” the Korean Glow Facial in Singapore? 

Casa Beauty-Tampines is one of the first facial salons in Singapore to provide Fillmed NCTF HA135 in the non-invasive method. Dr Hamida from France trained us personally both in theory and practical hands-on. The non-invasive method was first named “LUMIN VITA” ( means luminous life).

It was the Korean clinics that branded it as the CHANEL Skin Booster. It is also has a CHANEL price tag as the FILLMED NCTF 135 solution is the most expensive cabin product we are using, and it is a comprehensive ten-step facial treatment. However, the lasting results are indeed out of this world, and a single treatment can make a difference to the skin quality, leaving your face smooth, glowing with luminosity and radiance. Korean Chanel Glass Skin Revitaliser By FILLMED is A 10-step epicure face treatment for the true beauty connoisseur. Best Facial Singapore will live up to its name.


Casa Beauty-Tampines received no-invasive NCTF training in both Singapore and Filorga HO in Paris with Dr.Hamida

Korean Chanel Glass Skin Revitaliser




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