What is the best way to remove armpit hair?

Do you know that underarm hair removal and underarm whitening in Singapore are among the most popular beauty services? Are you embarrassed by the fuzzy hair under your arms? Are you looking for hair removal in Singapore? Do you know you can have a smooth hairless underarm in just six sessions of OPT light? Best Singapore underarm whitening can easily be achieved.

It is irritating and cumbersome to remove armpit hair repeatedly. But, unfortunately, if you live in Singapore, the hot and humid weather won’t let you hide your underarms with clothing.
Due to our hot and humid weather, women in Singapore like to wear tank tops and sleeveless shirts. However, you cannot wear these outfits confidently if your underarms are hairy! ( guffaws) Nobody knows why underarm hair exists, but everybody hates them.
Everybody, male or female, would like the confidence to raise their arms high, whether as a manner of expression or merely on an MRT ride.
People generally associate armpit hair with coarse and unrefined, like men walking around with their flies unzipped.
They can cause embarrassment for you as they destroy your neat and clean appearance.
Because of the above reasons, you will find many places that provide underarm hair removal services in Singapore. Choose a place according to your needs and budget. There are many ways to get rid of underarm hair in Singapore for every budget. We have discussed some of them below.

Boost In Confidence:

Getting rid of unattractive underarm hair will give you a boost in your confidence. You will not be afraid to raise your arms in public anymore. Now you can wear all those tank tops and sleeveless shirts you avoided because of underarm hair. Who doesn’t enjoy frolicking in the pool once in a while in Singapore? Or parade in your favourite swimsuit on the beaches of Bali? If you remove the unwanted hair from your underarms, you can confidently wear your swimsuit and enjoy swimming with your friends.

Less Body Odour:

The hair in your underarms produces more body odour, as hair traps the sweat and bacteria breeds quickly. If you remove this excessive underarm hair, you will notice that your body odour will reduce dramatically. Of course, we are not saying that you will eliminate body odour and not need deodorants, but you will undoubtedly experience a pleasant difference.  

Decrease In Production Of Sweat:

In the hot environment of Singapore, we have to face the problem of sweating frequently. Sweating also leaves stains on your clothes. Both men and women face this problem. Removing underarm hair helps decrease sweat production, and it dries faster. It is excellent news for Singaporeans living in hot and humid climates.


Different Methods Used For Underarm Hair Removal:

We will discuss some commonly used methods to help you eliminate the annoying armpit hair that makes your life difficult.


Shaving is the easiest way to remove unwanted hair, but it is not practical. You will notice that your hair is back in less than 2 to 3 days. It would help if you shaved your underarms regularly to have the flawless skin you want. The advantage of shaving is it is painless and very cheap. But on the other side, shaving can irritate your skin. You may also face the problem of ingrown hair and bumps at your armpit from frequent shaving. 

Depilatory Creams:

Depilatory creams dissolve hair from the body with the help of strong chemicals. Hair Removal Cream Veet is a famous depilatory cream widely used to remove hair quickly without pain. First, you must apply a thick layer to the targeted area; hair removal cream Veet is so strong that it ‘ melts’ the unwanted hair into a soft mess. The processing time is between 10 to 15 minutes; you first wipe the mess off with tissue and rinse it clean with water.

But harsh chemicals used in depilatory creams such as hair removal cream Veet can cause extreme irritation if the skin is sensitive or weak. The damage to sensitive skin can be similar to a burn, and many observed that their underarms became dark after using these creams. In addition, depilatory creams don’t provide a long-lasting solution and usually grow back within a few days. 

Plucking And Threading:

Traditional plucking and threading methods are also used to remove hair, but these methods are slow and painful. But if you pluck or thread your underarm hair, they will not return as fast as they did in shaving. But due to the pain experienced during plucking and threading, most people avoid these methods. There are also been proven that regular plucking of underarm hair will cause that area to sag prematurely. 


Waxing is better for effective underarm hair removal than shaving and depilatory creams. You can do it in the comfort of your home, or you can have the help of an expert by visiting a good salon. In this process, hot or strip wax is applied to the skin and pulled off with force.

This process is quite painful, but it gives you some good time free from unwanted hair as it pulls out unwanted hair from the roots. One disadvantage of waxing is that it cannot pull out small hair. Therefore, you need good hair growth to have maximum benefit from waxing. The downside of home waxing is the heated wax is not hot enough or too hot, or inexperienced people can pull hair in the wrong direction. 

Laser For Hair Removal Singapore: OPT light

Laser is the best method that helps you permanently remove your unwanted underarm hair. However, you must go through 4 to 6 sessions to get the desired results. OTP light is also called the SHR, which means Super Hair Removal. This technique permanently removes armpit hair and “whitens and lightens” the underarm area. Truly OTP is Singapore underarm whitening in its more effective form.

But as compared to other options, the laser light is quite expensive, but the bright side is that you will not have to shave or wax your underarms again and again.

If you are looking for hair removal through laser in Singapore, you will find many good salons that provide this service. The laser light targets the stubborn hair follicle and destroys it; thus, hair growth stops. However, it will only target your hair follicles, and your skin will remain undamaged.

Previously OPT light worked best on dark hair, but it can also remove grey or blonde hair with the latest technologies. The procedure of the OPT light is relatively comfortable, and it is long-lasting. Once you have completed your intended sessions, you will not need to undergo hair removal again. Instead, you can visit your laser expert after 6 to 12 months for maintenance.



Undoubtedly, underarm hair can affect your confidence and appearance, but there are many options to get rid of them. One good option for hair removal is the OPT light. It costs more than the rest of the removal methods, but it is worth it because of its long-lasting results. So, if you are looking for underarm hair removal in Singapore, find a professional team and book your appointment for an OPT light session.