What A Skincare Routine Can Do For You



Daily skin care is essential for fair, healthy-looking skin, but to know what is the best for your skin and what is the minimum skincare routine that you should adopt for glowing skin is the real question. Here are a few must adopt skincare routine for better and healthier skin.


Basic skincare routine Is important


 Daily gentle cleansing


Cleansing with a gentle cleanser starts the day. Throughout the day your skin goes through some tough time, the pollution and exposure to the sun damage your skin daily, so always remove your make up thoroughly in the night with a gentle cleanser, it will help your skin absorb skincare products better. It is worth investing in cleansers suitable for your skin


 Do I have to use a toner?


 Toners serve two purposes; it balances the skin’s PH level to avoid sensitive irritation; it is a final check that the skin is immaculately cleaned. Toners are also neutralising the water from the tap.


 Moisturise at least twice a day


 Hydration equals glowing skin! Your skin is dehydrated during the day due to the heat of the sun, and dust of the city life, to keep it hydrated and youthful-looking you must moisturise your skin daily twice a day. Moisturiser can come in textures and fluids. Apply your moisturiser in the morning as a basic skin care routine and before you go to bed. Make sure you find a suitable moisturiser with hyaluronic acid to protect and rebuilt your skin barrier and to retain the hydration.


 Exfoliate and mask weekly


 The grime and pollution build up on the skin, exfoliating your face is a good idea to get rid of all that excess dead skin cells and keratin. Exfoliate your skin at least once a week for normal skin, up to 3 times a week with oiler skin types. As a weekly maintenance skincare routine, it is ideal for applying a face mask after exfoliation.


 Sunscreen is THE must-have.


UV rays damage your skin, especially in Singapore, where the sun is shining all year round. UV damage makes your skin ageing faster and causes pigmentations. So to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays in Singapore, you must apply SPF every day, regardless of whether indoor or outdoor. Choose a sunscreen with at least SPF between 30 to 50 is the best for stopping your skin from ageing fast and from protecting it from the damaging of UV rays. Sunscreens these days comes tinted or double up as a primer, which can double up as a light make up base.


 Taking good care of your skin with a skincare routine will significantly improve your skin health. A glowing complexion will give a person confidence in their looks.