Why Is eyebrow embroidery essential when working from home?

Why Is eyebrow embroidery essential when working from home?

Eyebrow embroidery in Singapore started around the 1980s and has stayed around since many evolutions.
In cosmopolitan Singapore, It is most common among Chinese to have sparse or light eyebrow hair, making the eyebrow look almost non-existent.
The earliest eyebrows artistry was called eyebrow tattoo. It was unfortunate that the trend was “thick boxy looking”, making any demure person look like a cross between a tigress and a clown. The ink pigments then used has only two options and turn green with time. There was once quite a long queue of people heading out to have the pigments removed. Despite the most “unglamorous” entry of the simple cosmetic treatment, it lasts for almost 40 years and remains one of Asia’s most popular beauty services. Do you realise why?

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Eyebrows are the frame to the “window of your soul” a pair of big beautiful eyes loses 80% of its allure without a pair of elegantly arched brows framing it. An eyebrow pencil is many girls’ first cosmetic item (ok! ok! Maybe 2nd to lipstick) and their first nightmare with makeup. It takes a lot of skills to draw a perfect pair of brows, and there are days that the right and left brow cannot agree with each other. For strange reasons, it ALWAYS happens when you are rushing out to work or school, inviting enquiring stares of why one brow is higher/ shorter/darker than the other. The weather in Singapore also does nothing to help hand-drawn eyebrows stay in their place; most of the time, it also melts in my perspiration before reaching my flat’s lift lobby. I remember going on a swim date with a boy, and I have to dash out of the pool to touch up my brows before my date gets out of the pool. A pair of nice eyebrows instantly look a person look perky and alert, achieving the “bare face makeup” look.

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How is eyebrow embroidery in Casa Beauty-Tampines done?

Eyebrow embroidery in Singapore is a very simple and safe procedure. First, the eyebrow artist will draw the shape of the brow to your desired shape and remove the strays eyebrow hairs, and this is probably the most’ tedious’ part to decide how you wish your face to be framed. Then, an anaesthetic cream will be applied to numb the brow area; a good anaesthetic cream can block out 80 to 90% of the discomfort. After about 20 mins, the artist will use needles or blades of various sizes to create feather-like strokes and fill in the colour. There is a big chance that you will be like me, who fell asleep in the first 5 mins into the job. For 1st timers, it usually takes an hour or more to fill up both sides, half the time if it is a touch-up.

The essential factor to a pair of natural “I am born with it’ eyebrows will be THE EYEBROW ARTIST, who knows what you desire, understand the symmetry of brows, able to create the natural graduation of colours with palettes of blacks, greys and browns and unique lightening pigments.

What is the difference between Eyebrow Embroidery, Misty Eyebrow and Eyebrow Micro-blading?

Eyebrow Embroidery in Singapore, all the above names are of the same thing; the tool involved is several ultra-fine needles bundle vertically, forming a blade. Different blades draw the shape, create the structure, fill in the pigments, and touch up the finer details.
Eyebrow embroidery is done with very shallow strokes. Most of the blades and needles are between 1.5mm to 1.8mm, and the longest blade is only 2mm in length. That will be the thickness of 2 pieces of paper stacked together. The artist does not even sink the whole 1.5mm blade into the skin. Most of the time, the tool is held at an angle, scratching only the bare surface of the skin.
A job by an experienced eyebrow artist can let you go back to work almost immediately; only a thin layer of a scab will fall off naturally after 4 to 5 days.

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I am describing the details to alleviate some unknown fear of some, and you may not realise how much time and frustration a simple beauty enhancing service as eyebrow embroidery could save.
Since covid 19 happened, most of us do not wear any more lipsticks and base makeup for obvious reasons. It stains the mask you are wearing.
Your eyes are what the world is looking at when you are out of the house. Your boyfriend may come over more often as going out may be out of the question, so do friends and relatives. So how to look bare and yet attractive is an important consideration. Not forgetting all the work meetings on zoom, the frequent trips to the door to pick deliveries and taking the trash out. Most of us will be stuck in that “to make up or not to make up” dilemma, and what are you going to do about that?

Credits: Ms Sarah Chan contributes this article to our blog. Sarah works as an image consultant / personal shopper for a local departmental store. She has done her eyebrows and touch-up at Casa Beauty-Tampines in May 2021.